Brawley Farms Homeowners Association -

Brawley Farms Tree Planting Project
The Tree Project was a success and we would like to thank TreesCharlotte, Catawba Lands and the City of Charlotte. 
(included Crossley, Bristol, Manchester & Brawley Farms)
Here are items that are needed to be completed before November 29th.
1. Registration Survey ( this is how you obtain your trees, t-shirt and lunch.) If you sent an email to us please also register via the below link.
33 homeowners  are currently signed up.  Lets keep the momentum going and make this a great event.
2. Utility Locate 811 (This is for the safety of your property)
3. Volunteers are needed (Check in, planting assistance for other neighbors.)
If you have a boy scout troop,girl scouts, basketball teams or Seniors in high school that need volunteer hours please let us know.
Please sign up in advance if not you will not have a lunch ticket or t-short and the tree availability will be limited.
Q.What kind of tree will I get?'  
A.The answer is we don't know yet. According to our partner NeighborWoods, an arborist is determining what trees work best in North Carolina/Charlotte soil. From there, NeighborWoods will come up with a selection that we can choose from.
Q. When will the trees be planted? A. The planting is this fall but the exact date isn't set. As soon as it is you will see a post on Facebook or receive an email so that you can plan.
Q. What are the volunteer duties? 
Help with planting on the day of the event by planting your tree and/or helping someone who is unable to plant their tree. For neighbors that don't want a tree, your help is still needed. There are also specific opportunities that TreesCharlotte suggests: tree steward and community correspondent.
1. Tree Steward: Creates a sense of ownership for the tree canopy amongst neighborhood participants and to provide for its continued maintenance. Responsibilities include:
Ensure that trees are being watered on a consistent basis, Remind residents of how to properly care for their newly established trees,
One (1) Tree Steward is required for every 50 trees planted on individual lots,
One (1) additional Tree Steward is required for each common area that receives tree plantings; these Tree Stewards will be responsible for watering tree plantings in the common areas until they are established and in a position to survive on their own.
2. Community Correspondent: Responsible for publicizing the tree canopy initiative and soliciting community support & participation. Efforts may include:
Organizing door-to-door campaigns, Preparing newsletters and print media to inform residents about neighborhood activities,
Working with the NeighborWoods Program Manager to hold community meetings, Utilizing social media to inform people about the initiative and solicit participation.
Q. How do I get my tree? A. On planting day, all trees are brought to a central location in Brawley Farms   for residents to pick up.
Brawley Farms Tree Planting Project TREE CARE
(included Crossley, Bristol, Manchester & Brawley Farms)
Proper tree care is important to your tree's survival particularly the 1st year.
  1. Water your tree once a week during normal weather condtions.
  2. Provide 5 gallons applied slowly to the tree.
  3. Keep the base mulched at the depth of 2-3inches to keeps weeds down and hold in moisture.