Brawley Farms Homeowners Association -
Frequently Asked Questions 
Why can't we have exercise equipment?o   It’s not a matter of “not having” exercising equipment; it’s the cost in electrical upgrades to the clubhouse to withstand the load from the exercise equipment that’s the issueo   We are slowly recovering from a deficit we were left with from the previous board and Management Company and do not have enough disposable funds at this time to pay for an upgrade o   If any electricians in the neighborhood would like to donate their services and do the work “pro-bono” we’d be more than happy to as this is our community and where we live·         
Does the Board enforce violations?   The board does enforce violations in conjunction with the City Of Charlotte ·         

I am an owner but I don't live in the neighborhood. What is my responsibility?    All homeowners are required to provide the association with all tenant information and register with the City of Charlotte
Homeowners are also responsible for making sure HOA dues are paid and that their tenants are aware if the HOA and the specific policies and procedures if the Brawley Farms HOA·         
Who do I call for strange vehicles...trash...animals?  Please call 311 as our community have recently been annexed into the city and is now maintained by the City of Charlotte – and we are grateful as this was not the case two years ago·        
How is my monies spent?  The budget and financial statements are posted on the Brawley Farms website under Documents.            
Does the board get a stipend?   This board is a board of homeowners who live in this community and are not of a management company, therefore, NONE of the board members receive a stipend and are not being paid for the work we do.  ALL the work done by the board is voluntary (free)   FYI - Board members are not exempt from HOA dues ·        
I live in Bristol...why do I need to pay for the pool.  The location of the pool was not determined by this board and was built over 10+ years ago. Crossley Village, Brawley Farms and Bristol Farms are all a part of the Brawley Farms HOA. ALL homes in the Brawley Farms community pay the same amount in HOA dues ·       
My neighbor's dog is off its leash and it almost attacked me. What shall I do? o  Please call 311 and get in contact with animal control to report ALL stray, rapid, vicious and menacing animals from coyotes, to rats, from squirrels to dogs and cats – even snakes! Animal Control was created to handle all control of animal, please utilize them by way of 311 ·        
How often does the board meet?   Please review the Brawley Farms Website under Calendar for any updates. We meet quarterly.    
I would like to add a structure to or on my property. What do I need to do?   All additions to the home and property need to be within city code and approved by the HOA. Please access our ARC link on the website and download the form to submit a proposal to request approval for changes.  You must also contact the city of Charlotte to get the necessary approvalo   Please also keep in mind that any obstruction to utilities lines (both underground) can be torn down without your permission as the utility companies reserve the rights to access their properties ·        
 I don't use the pool, do I have to help pay?  Yes, all homeowner dues are the same and will not be adjusted by homes who do not take advantage of amenities we offer in the community. This is universal amongst ALL HOA’s in the surrounding area and throughout the city ·        
Why don't we close the pool?   The pool will not be closed as there are families here who take advantage of this amenity and are happy to have it. For some it is therapeutic and others great recreation time with their families. The pool is also a place to fellowship with other neighbors and host parties for the community .   Please also keep in mind it would cost to close the pool, fill it and concrete it, but again, the pool in our community will not close to lower HOA dues. We must keep in mind we have children in the neighborhood and families, not just single individuals. Taking away recreation from our children leaves them too much idle time to get into other things. We must be considerate of their recreational time as well    ·       
I didn't know we had an long has there been an HOA?   The Brawley Farms HOA was established and filed with the North Carolina Secretary of State on September 2, 1999. The current board took over the HOA from the previous management company on September 22, 2011·        
Cars parked for days on the street. Can you fine them?    If the cars are abandoned, please call 311 or 911 ·         
Why do we utilize the website instead of the U.S. mail when some people do not have a computer?o   Using the website saves more money than mass mailings. While we understand there are individuals in the community who do not have access to a computer or internet, we seek to save as we recover from the deficit we’ve been left with ·   When we have meetings that require homeowner attendance and participation or need to address concerns that are imperative, it is only then that we communicate using the USPS ·