Brawley Farms Homeowners Association -
Having a party, birthday,  girl scouts, holiday event. You can now rent your clubhouse
The clubhouse address is  9515 Brawley Lane, Charlotte, NC 28215.
9515 Brawley Lane, Charlotte, NC 28215
The Clubhouse and pool are Smoke-Free.

 Please do not allow your guests to smoke in the Clubhouse

Who can use it?
The clubhouse is available to all Brawley Farms  homeowners/renters in good standing for HOA-sponsored and approved events and for private functions

What is included:
8 tables
45 chairs
Chair covers: White or black
4 round table clothes: White or Black. 
The facility may be reserved by Brawley Farms residents only.
Clubhouse rental hours outside of normal operating hours can be amended based on Board vote.
There is a  notice to rent the Clubhouse.  Usage will be limited between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 11:00 PM.  
The normal rental use period is limited to four hours. HOA Board-approved groups that meet in the clubhouse regularly will be asked to sign a rental agreement form and pay a one-time rental fee of $100 or more, depending on the nature and frequency of meetings, for of the facility. 

All rental fees will be used for general cleaning and  maintenance purposes in order to minimize or preclude the need to use HOA dues for this purpose.
How do I know what dates & times are available? 
The Calendar page link on our website shows all of the clubhouse rentals and scheduled meetings that use the clubhouse. It also shows the dates that the clubhouse is not available.  
How do you reserve it?
Brawley Farms residents, in good standing, may reserve use of the clubhouse through our Website or calling 980-216-2003  to check for availability, then sign a rental/deposit agreement, pay a non-refundable rental fee of $100, complete and a deposit of $150
Write a check for the Rental and Pool Use fee (if using the pool), and another check for the Deposit made out to the Brawley Farms HOA and mailed to:      
Brawley Farms HOA,Inc.
 P.O. Box 43182 
 Charlotte, NC 28215 
 Phone:  (980) 216-2003

  • Clubhouse Rental: $100 for 4 hours Deposit $150 (refundable)
  • Clubhouse Rental : $200 (alcohol served) for 4 hours  Deposit $200.00 (refundable)

Pool Rentals and Facilities during normal pool hours:
  • POOL & CLUBHOUSE $250 for 4 hours. $25 each additional hour. Deposit: $250.00 (refundable)
The pool does not close for your event you will share with Homeowners.
For Pool Rentals: The maximum amount of guests allowed is 20 guests

Aqua Tech Pool Management  requires 1 lifeguard per 20 people.
Cost $20/hr for lifeguard per 20 persons.

How much time do I get? The standard block of time is four (4) hours which INCLUDES your setup and cleanup time and the rental period.  Extra time is available at extra cost ($25 per hour) should you need it. The doors will be unlocked at your start time and locked at the ending time stated on your agreement. 
What can I use?  You are responsible for setting up and taking down the tables and chairs, placing all trash in the outside garbage cans, and sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming to a condition at least as clean as it was when you walked in.  Some days are booked solid, with one event right after the other, and the next folks after you deserve to have clean & tidy facilities.
What about music? Yes, but keep it down so you don’t disturb or annoy the neighbors. Please Remember Upon completion of use, renters must clean and restore the clubhouse to the condition in which they found it. The facility may not be used again by any individual or group failing to comply or failing to fully compensate the Homeowners Association for any cleanup/damage costs exceeding the deposit amount