Brawley Farms Homeowners Association -
Our website was developed to serve as an informative resource for both our neighborhood and our community.
We have listened and this year we are providing Homeowners the opportunity to pay your HOA assessments in 4 installments.
1st installment  $69.25 is due February 1st, 
2nd installment $69.25 is due March 1 
3rd installment $69.25 is due April 1st,
4th installment $69.25 is due May 1st. 
Late fees  will be assessed on  June 1st, 2014  at $15.00 a Month.
Report Code Violations
Housing Code Enforcement
The City of Charlotte Housing Code requires homeowners and to keep their homes in good condition. The code also applies to abandoned commercial structures.
Report a Crime:
This Link page lets you a now and print a copy of the report for free. Please turn off your pop-up blocking software before you file a report. Filing a false police report is a crime. If this is an Emergency please call 911.
Pay Your Dues Online
Easy and convenient, now you can pay your community dues online if you have information: Pay Now
Report an Outage
If you see a street light out or other utility service need, Duke wants to know about it. Report an outage now.
Brawley Farms Tree Planting Project TREE CARE
(included Crossley, Bristol, Manchester & Brawley Farms)
Proper tree care is important to your tree's survival particularly the 1st year.
  1. Water your tree once a week  during normal weather condtions.
  2. Provide 5 gallons applied slowly to the tree.
  3. Keep the base mulched at the depth of 2-3inches to keeps weeds down and hold in moisture.